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Middough offers a range of services to help our clients maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets and we customize our Energy services to meet your business and project goals.

Industry Focus                  Specialties                                                    Services                                                                                                                         
• Electric Utilities • Renewable Energy Planning Design
• Energy Service   (Biomass, Biogas, MSW) • Power System Analysis and Modeling • Energy Efficiency and
  Companies (ESCO) • Waste Heat Recovery • Short Circuit and Load Flow Analysis    Sustainable Design 
• Private Developers • Distributed Generation • Arc Flash Studies • Power Plant Systems Design 
• Central Utility Plants • Central Utility Plants (Water, Steam, Air) • Energy Studies, Usage and Efficiency • Central Utility Plants
• Institutional Facilities • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) • Construction Estimation   and CHP Design  
• Water/Wastewater • Cogeneration • Investment Grade Feasibility Studies • Low to High Voltage
  Facilities   • Prime Movers: Combustion Turbine, Heat • Due Diligence Reports   System Design   
     Recovery Steam Generator, Steam Turbine, • Inspection Services • Equipment Specifications 
    Reciprocating Engine, Microturbine • Plant/Equipment   
  • High Voltage Substations   Condition Assessments  
  • Smart Grid and SCADA Systems • Outage/Turnaround Planning  Plant Decommissioning
  • Environmental and Emission Control      
  • Fuel Storage