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Middough offers a range of services to help our clients maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets and we customize our Metals services to meet your business and project goals.

Industry Focus                                   Specialties                                                    Services                                                    
• Steel/Aluminum • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous • Installation Design and
• Coke Making Batteries • Waste Heat Recovery   Construction Management
• Ironmaking Facilities • Central Utility Plants (Water, Steam, Air)  • Vessel and Ladle Design
• Oxygen Steelmaking  • Railroad Facilities and Car Dumpers • Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design  
• EAF Steelmaking • Conveyors and Material Handling Systems • Investment Grade Feasibility Studies
• Continuous Casting • Dust Collection/Suppression • Due Diligence Reports
• Flat Rolling and Long Products  • Environmental and Emission Control • Structural and Energy Inspection Services
• Hot and Cold Rolling  • Baghouses/Scrubbers/Precipitators • Welding and Metallurgical Engineering
• Pickle Lines   • Cooling Water Systems • Plant/Equipment Condition Assessments
• Coating Lines  • Water and Wastewater Treatment • Outage/Turnaround Planning
• Various Process and Finishing Lines  • Scrap Handling and Processing  
• Process Gas to Energy   • Vacuum Degassers