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Research & Development

Middough’s research and development (R&D) facilities design experience touches many of the markets we serve including:
BioPharm                                               Higher Education                      Oil & Gas
Food & Consumer Products                  Chemical Industry                     Agribusiness
Federal Government                              Energy                                      Refining
Our diverse portfolio gives us insight into our client’s most challenging and complex design projects for their laboratories and experimentation facilities. From high energy particle research to green pesticide manufacturers, to the latest pharmaceutical research applications to quality control for petroleum refiners, Middough’s experience in R&D facilities is diverse.
The facilities we design support our client’s research while meeting regulatory requirements and accepted standards. We assist the brightest minds with their ground breaking research and design with the client’s bottom line in mind, collaboratively and sustainably.
The results of our design efforts help our clients determine the building blocks of the universe,
improve productivity, protect public health and educate the next generation of researchers.


Valent, BioSciences, Osage, IO

MC-1 Building, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Mu2e, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

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