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Published Articles

Welcome to Middough’s Published Articles Library, a free resource designed to aid companies in engineering, architectural and            
management service advances.

Compiled from our trusted industry leading professionals and encompassing a variety of topics relevant from design and engineering to sustainability and cost-cutting solutions, these published articles can help you make informed decisions about your project from its conception to its completion. If you would like to speak to one of our white paper authors, e-mail

Read the latest published articles.

BIC Magazine - September 2018

Controlling Your Plant's Combustible Dust Hazards, January 2016 

Middough Featured in Properties Magazine March 2012 

Middough is Featured in BP Husky Refining's United in Safety Newsletter

Combined Cycle Journal, Bay View Cogeneration, Third Quarter 2010  

AISTech 2010 Proceedings Volume II, Role of Industrial Engineering in Today's Steel Producing Environment

AIST, Fixed vs. Floating Rail Arrangements, June 2009

Chemical Engineering Progress, Eliminate Iteration from Flow Problems, March 2008

Builders Exchange, Green Power, May 2008

Hoist, Crane Runway Upgrades, October 2006

Chemical Engineering Progress, Estimating Rates of Spreading and Evaporation of Volatile Liquids, January 2005

Iron and Steel Engineer, Non-conventional Crane Runway Girder Reinforcement, February 1999

Iron and Steel Engineer, Fatique Life Analyses of Crane Runway Girders, July 1996 

Iron and Steel Engineer, Knee Braced Crane Girders, April 1993

Iron and Steel Engineer, Old Mill Buildings vs. Current Design Loads, May 1991