Quality is cultural at Middough.

Quality engineering, architecture, consulting, procurement, and construction activity comes from using experienced and technically competent personnel, proven procedures, appropriate supervision, and technical direction. Quality is a Middough core value that is upheld by our people. Quality is our culture and livelihood, and we encourage our team to assume personal responsibility for continuous improvement and to maintain high standards of quality we provide our clients. 

Middough’s Quality Management System, Middough Advanced Project Procedures (MAPP™) provides consistent project execution through proven Project Management and Quality Assurance processes. MAPP also reduces execution risk, allows for improved CAPEX control, and provides predictability of delivery to our clients.

Our Quality Observation Program (QOP), Client Survey, and Lessons Learned systems have been developed to help us proactively recognize areas for improvement, acts of innovation, quality performance, and value-added ideas that benefit our clients, and streamline our operations.

To learn about how we recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding initiative and contribution to the advancement of Middough’s culture of Quality excellence, click here.

Middough’s Quality Leadership Team inspires a determination for improvement throughout the company, outlines expectations and leads performance through quality metrics, steering behavior through our people and processes, and encourages the teamwork and communication needed to continuously build a quality culture. 

The culture of quality is built and developed as a company-wide initiative that includes exploring and introducing quality topics frequently that challenges our team to be active in the critical evaluation of quality and reinforces our commitment.

We carefully follow a designed process for proactively managing our quality projects.

Our quality management system is comprised of Middough Advanced Project Procedures (MAPP) and its associated checks and balances, technical excellence, focus on continuous improvement, and people with the passion to do it right the first time. It establishes basic quality requirements for project execution throughout Middough as an organization.

The MAPP process utilizes a combination of both in-process controls (Quality Assurance) and checking (Quality Control) to develop quality deliverable for your projects.