The Importance of Employee Recognition

Author: Chris Colella | January 18, 2021

Recognizing employees, aka appreciating employees for their value to the company is important to the overall company culture and the importance of recognizing employees has increased over the last 10 months with the

COVID pandemic.

Through the pandemic, studies have shown employees have become more disengaged, stressed, shorter with communication and their morale has declined based. For these reasons, managers need to become more aware of their employee moods and needs and should look to become Noticers who look to appreciate more than ever.

Healthy, energized and engaged employees provide companies with an outstanding work culture and where employees can thrive which in turns improves overall company success.

Now is the time to actively seek individual meetings with your employees. Ask how their families are doing, what needs them may have and how you can help! Often times, a conversation is all that is required to help someone in a time of need. Do not overthink what the conversation has to look like, just have a conversation with an intention to LISTEN.