Why Risk Being in a Hurry

November 23, 2020

Hurrying can cause both minor accidents and life-changing injuries. We may hurry dozens of times without incident, until finally it happens.

What happens when you hurry?

Rushing to get our jobs done can result in injury to ourselves and those around us. We hurry when we are trying to catch up or get ahead of the game. Feeling rushed takes up space in your brain and can lead to a mistake. Two important factors that play a role in many injury incidents are risk perception and decision- making. The stress brought on by being in a hurry can affect both of these factors.

Risk perception - When in a hurry to get the job done, the inaccurate perception of the risk involved can have serious consequences. We may not think of the dangers associated with activities we do, especially those we are more familiar with.

Decision making – Hurrying can lead to additional stress. In a stressful situation individuals tend to reach a decision before all available alternatives have been considered. Instead of thinking through a task, we often jump and “do” the task with little planning or strategy.

Tips on changing your behavior:

1. Always put safety first. Think about the injuries and other problems that could result from being in too much of a hurry.

2. Don’t take shortcuts. Shortcuts often results in accidents. Shortcuts to avoid include removing safety guards or shields, using the wrong tools, and failing to heed warning signs and safety requirements.

3. Dress properly for the job. It may take a few extra minutes to put on the right pair of gloves, chemical goggles or other safety equipment, but it can save you from serious injury. Don’t be in so much of a rush that you neglect to put on the proper protective equipment.

4. Use the right tools for the job.

5. Identify hazardous situations in advance. If you’re rushing through a task, your mind is on getting the job done – not on what may happen next. Working carefully and deliberately gives you time to think about potential hazards, and to plan your actions.