Remote Non-Destructive Testing

As industries continue to prioritize safety and efficiency, it has become increasingly crucial to embrace innovative solutions for condition assessments, remote data collection, and non-destructive testing (NDT). At Middough, we understand the importance of these services to help ensure the structural integrity of critical infrastructure.

Voliro T UAS

The multi-purpose robotic flight 

platform redefining work at height.

Benefits of Middough’s Remote NDT Services 

Decrease Risk, Cost and Downtime 

• Cost-effective alternative to traditional testing methods, saving both time and resources 

• Enables targeted inspections, reducing the need for extensive and expensive dismantling or disassembly

 • No scaffolding, magnetic crawler, rope access, or cranes required • Helps identify issues at an early stage, preventing costly repairs or replacements later on 

• Eliminate the need for destructive testing methods 

Improve Efficiency 

• Quick and non-intrusive inspections, minimizing downtime and improving productivity 

• Immediate results, allowing for prompt decision-making and efficient allocation of resources 

• Integrate into automated systems to streamline inspections and reduce human error


Apply up to 30 N force and several Nm torque to structures. Interact with objects physically.
Extreme Mobility. The roboto can tilt +-90 degrees to allow interaction in any orientation - making it truly omnidirectional.
Thrust vectoring and 6DoF control gives the stability needed for reliable interaction in demanding conditions.
With semi-autonomous flight modes and advanced pilot assistance, the Voliro T is safe and easy to fly in close proximity to structures.
Open interfaces allow for seamless integrations.
Various existing custom payloads to offer you the solutions to challenging projects.


Voliro T Features

• Measurements at any height and from any angle in a short time 

• Precise and reliable interactions on surfaces of any orientation without exposing personnel to the risk of working at heights or in confined spaces 

• Readings at hard-to-reach locations up to 50x faster compared to conventional methods 

• Geo-located inspection data with 3D position information and time-synced pictures and videos • Comprehensive inspection reports with actionable data 

• Identify potential defects, flaws, or weaknesses in materials or structures 

• Detect hidden defects or flaws that may not be visible to the naked eye


Structures & Assets for Testing

• Stacks 

• Tanks 

• Vessels 

• Ductwork 

• Process Mains

 • Piping 

• Wind Turbines 

• Flare Stacks 

• Support Structures 

• Stoves & Boilers 

• Transmission Towers

Types of NDT Testing

Wall Thickness Measurements

Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Testing 

ElectroMagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) Testing

Coating Thickness Measurements

Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Testing

Corrosion, Erosion, & Pitting Detection

ElectroMagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) Testing

For more information, contact: 

Joe Grelewicz, Sr. Asset Integrity Manager